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Using CRON-O-Meter for Daily Tracking

After I began this site, I discovered CRON-O-Meter can be used to calculate food, exercise and weight in conjunction with nutritional and caloric values. Here’s a glimpse of what filling out this section can look like for a user who signs up for the free site:

Daily Log

Day 16

CRON-O-Meter Details Synopsis Weight I weigh in at 291.2 pounds, which is 2.5 pounds less than yesterday. Exercise I did not exercise today.

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Handy Gadgets

When getting serious about health improvement, there are several gadgets that can help with tracking various components such as BMI, heart rate, weight, calories burned and so on. This post will serve as a listing of some useful gadgets that I may end up purchasing to help with tracking my health better. Watch / Fitness… Read More Handy Gadgets

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Cold Temperature Longevity

References Cold Temperature and Life Span: It’s not about the rate of living Wikipedia – Rate of Living Theory TRPA-1 and Wasabi DAF-16 and Longevity Discussion Studies into cold temperature for both cold and warm blooded animals indicates that both appear to live longer under such duress situations, challenging the rate of living theory that… Read More Cold Temperature Longevity