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Exercising in Middle Age

This discussion is going to focus on exercise recommendations for those middle-aged, since I’m 44 and would be considered middle-aged.

For the moment, I’m going to post a few links and update as I learn more about this topic.

Exercise Sites

For me, four essential components of a solid strength-training program are proper nutrition, proper hydration, proper rest, and proper exercise. If one of these is lacking, results will suffer.

Living Longer Stronger

Physique After 50

Overall Health and Wellness Sites

Another site that has exercise-related articles is positive health wellness (the site also boasts a plethora of articles on the overall health and nutrition spectrum).

For the past several days, I’ve been perusing this site due to the many beneficial articles such as this one on fish oil and bodybuilding.

Now, I’ve been taking fish oil since May, and I can attest to the health and nutritional benefits that taking it has provided me, especially on the front of not getting sick nearly so often, so it’s interesting to see that additional benefits can translate into the exercise realm for athletes as well.

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