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How Many Nuts in an Ounce?

Because I oftentimes need to figure out an ounce of seeds or nuts, I’ve had to frequently reference the quantities of select nuts in order to reach that magical nutritional measurement.

As such, I’m going to list common nuts and the quantity to reach an ounce for reference:

  • Almonds – 23
  • Brazil nuts – 6
  • Cashews – 18
  • Hazelnuts – 21
  • Macadamia – 12
  • Peanuts – 42
  • Pecans – 19
  • Pine nuts – 83
  • Pistachios – 49
  • Walnuts – 14 halves

Of note, brazil nuts contain massive quantities of selenium. It is not advised to eat an ounce of brazil nuts, because that would be 543.5 micrograms of selenium, which exceeds the 400 micrograms upper limit of selenium per day. The most brazil nuts that could be safely consumed would be 3 (.5 ounce) provided other selenium-rich foods weren’t eaten that day. It’s probably best not to partake in more than 2 per day to be on the safe side.

If you are low on selenium in your diet, though, eating 1 brazil nut would provide 165% of your daily value, so you wouldn’t need to eat anything else with selenium that day.

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