Daily Log

Day 38

CRON-O-Meter Details Synopsis Weight I weigh in at 285.2 pounds at 6:00 am, which is 0.8 pounds more than yesterday. Exercise Here are the exercise stats from working out at my company’s gym: 133 calories 4.58 miles 36 minutes These are the differences from June 5, 2017’s workout: -12.00 calories -0.87 miles Biometrics BMI 49.0 Body… Read More Day 38

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The Ultimate Meal

The following recipe will meet 100% of the RDAs for a woman age 44 (which is what I am) at only 1202.1 calories. By adding in four 16.9 oz bottles of water for the day, I can then say that I’ve met all daily requirements with this one meal without supplementing with any vitamins in… Read More The Ultimate Meal