Daily Log

Day One

Today, I begin my journey. Weight I weigh in at 300.00 pounds. A month or so before, I weighed approximately 305 pounds and bounced in the 297 to 305 range during that time. Nutrition (Supplements) The following lists the approximate times when I added various vitamins and nutrients into my diet: 3 months ago – Essential… Read More Day One

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Acceptable Foods List

These are the foods that I can eat daily: Cheese, Cream, Laughing Cow (4 wedges) Cheese, Other, Hard (such as Smoked Gouda, Havarti, Ementaler, etc.) (3 oz) Cheese, Romano, grated (1 tbsp) Cream, Heavy Whipping (2-4 tbsp) Cream, Sour (1-2 tbsp) Coconut Oil (1sp), Ghee (1 tsp), or Olive Oil (1 tbsp) Almonds, raw (1… Read More Acceptable Foods List