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Exercising in Middle Age

This discussion is going to focus on exercise recommendations for those middle-aged, since I’m 44 and would be considered middle-aged. For the moment, I’m going to post a few links and update as I learn more about this topic. Exercise Sites For me, four essential components of a solid strength-training program are proper nutrition, proper… Read More Exercising in Middle Age

Daily Log

Day 22

CRON-O-Meter Details Synopsis Weight I weigh in at 288.0 pounds, which is 0.6 pounds more than yesterday. Exercise This is my exercise routine at my company’s gym: 110 calories 4.30 miles 36 minutes From May 19’s exercise, the following decreases occurred: 3 calories 0.59 miles Biometrics BMI 49.4 Body Fat 60.0% Muscle 25.0% Water 43% Bone… Read More Day 22