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Meeting RDA for Potassium

Thus far, I’ve struggled to meet 100% of the daily RDA for Potassium (4,700 mg) in my daily meals. I’m averaging only 50.0% of the nutritional target, and before today, I was below 50.0% average as I’ve slowly worked my way up from 15-60% of the RDA to 73%.

I am now adding dried apricots into my diet at 3.5 oz for a snack. Dried (not fresh) apricots meet 25% of the daily potassium intake requirement when 100 g or 3.54 oz are eaten.

I also added pistachios (1 oz) to further increase my potassium intake today. Even with those additions, I’m still unable to reach 100% potassium levels.

The main foods I’ve found that have a decent amount of potassium are the following per 100 g / 3.54 oz:

Foodmg per 100 gPercentageCalories
Cocoa Powder, unsweetened1524 mg32%228
Dried apricots, uncooked1162 mg25%241
Dried peaches, uncooked996 mg21%239
Pistachios, roasted, shelled967 mg21%533
Peanuts, roasted634 mg13%587
Peanuts butter, natural634 mg13%587
Clams, cooked628 mg13%142
Mushrooms, portabella or cremini, cooked437 mg9%29
Yogurt, regular, whole milk155 mg3%61

Of course, cocoa powder is a large quantity at 100 g / 3.54 oz, while clams and mushrooms would be the only ones that isn’t a massive quantity or high caloric intake. For example, a cup of mushrooms is 121 g, 35 calories, and 11% of the RDA for potassium, while 8 medium clams are 100 g at 142 calories and 13% of the RDA for potassium.

Another item of note, regular, non-Greek, whole milk Yogurt, albeit not overly high in potassium at 155 mg per 100 g eaten (3% of the RDA), would normally be eaten in doses of about 8 ounces (1 cup). This would be 379.8 mg and 8% of the potassium at 150 calories. Of note, Greek yogurt and any non-whole milk yogurts do not have high quantities of potassium and would not help with meeting the daily requirements.

There are other high potassium foods such as baked potatoes and white beans, but I don’t particularly want or like those options in my diet, so I won’t be adding them for the time being.

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