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Oil Smoke Points

The following list contains the Fahrenheit smoke points for commonly used oils. The list only contains oils that I may use, so oils like corn oil or canola are not in the list, because I would never use them.

Smoke PointOil
500+Avocado (520°F)
400-500Coconut oil (refined) (450°F)
Peanut Oil (450°F)
Olive oil (extra light) (468°F)
Ghee (485°F)
300-399Coconut oil (extra virgin) (350°F)
Sesame oil (350°F)
Vegetable shortening (360°F)
Lard (370°F)
Olive oil (extra virgin) (375°F)
Olive oil (virgin) (391°F)
200-299Butter (200-250°F)
Flax seed oil (225°F)

I’ve grouped the oils by the cooking temperature in order to best understand which have the highest smoke points. Avocado is the highest on the list and allows an insanely high smoke point. I’ve recently switched to primarily using avocado oil for this reason.

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