Daily Log

2017-08-22 – Back Again

I’ve been away for a bit from updating posts on my eating habits, weight, exercise and overall health. This is primarily due to moving around a month ago and preparing for that move beforehand, then after the move having dental work done (root planing, cleaning, teeth extraction, and a bridge and cavities still to be completed).

Now, I have continued to weigh myself every day, but I have not written that weight down. I also have not been logging my food into cronometer, and no surprise, I have ended up staying around the same weight within an up and down 5 pound fluctuation.

I also ceased exercising during this same time period, which has to account for not losing weight either.

For exercise, I will likely be walking around my new room in a house with a co-worker and friend as the new digs are a nicer neighborhood with what appear to be safer streets.

I am going to begin logging my weight again, and I will try to begin adding foods into cronometer again soon (hopefully by this weekend). As such, my current weight is 277.2

See you tomorrow for another post on my weight and my progress toward longevity.

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