Daily Log

Day One

Today, I begin my journey.


I weigh in at 300.00 pounds.

A month or so before, I weighed approximately 305 pounds and bounced in the 297 to 305 range during that time.

Nutrition (Supplements)

The following lists the approximate times when I added various vitamins and nutrients into my diet:

  • 3 months ago – Essential for Women by ritual.com
  • 2 months ago – 1 tsp lemon-flavored cod liver oil, 8-15 tablets of Chlorella Spirulina
  • 1 month ago – 500 mg Vitamin C


My eating habits prior to May 1 were sporadic in healthiness. Sometimes, I would eat pizza a couple of times a week or drink heavily on Friday and Saturday.

I am not yet keeping track of my exact foods, but a list of acceptable foods that I can eat can be found at http://promise.city/index.php/2017/05/01/acceptable-foods-list/


This is my exercise routine at my company’s new gym:

  • 74.6 calories
  • 3.21 miles
  • 30 minutes

I will be exercising on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 30+ minutes for the first month, then I’ll likely change it to Monday-Thursday for 30+ minutes.


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